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Coyote Whiskey

Coyote Whiskey



Sometimes known as “white lightning”, “moonshine” or “white dog”, whiskey that has not been aged in oak for two or more years has had a cult following for generations. Our version of this old west favorite begins with only the finest  sun ripined grains, combined with sand filtered Missouri River water, we ferment and distill this whiskey mash using the same time tested process that is responsible for our aged whiskey, except we distill these batches at more than 160 proof. This difference becomes important after it is transferred from our small batch copper still.

Our Coyote 100 Light Whiskey is unaged or if aged stored at this higher alcohol concentration for a shorter period of time in American Oak barrels. The higher alcohol content produces a higher vanillin, or floral character because of its greater penetration into the oak barrels. That is why we don’t age this classic as long as our straight whiskeys. Just enough storage time to add flavor and a little color, but not so much time as to hide the unique flavor of our hand selected grains.
Not as sweet as bourbons or other American whiskeys, this light colored, but full grain flavored whiskey is bottled at 100 proof. Coyote 100 Light Whiskey may not be your grandma’s drink, but it used to be!   Enjoy it responsibly with your friends